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We belive it's the simpliest hay accumulator on the market today.

Small Bale Accumulator ...

This unit is designed to eliminate labor. This unit is designed to allow to one man to clear and accumulate an entire field of hay in just a fraction of time. This allows one person to run a hay business without the risk of costly liability form low paid laborers hurting their backs, falling off of the trailers, or any other unfortunate accident that might occur while loading hay.

What this means is that one person can rake, bale, accumulate, load, and store a 5 - 7 acre tract in one days time. Our grapple can aid in this process by loading the bales that accumulator has set up as many as 12 bales at a time. The grapple and the accumulator comes in 8 bales, two types of 10 bales, and a 12 bale. Imagine loading 10 bales at a time on the trailer. This will elimate the need for a man on the trailer moving and stacking bales. The grapple can grab the bales and you place them on the trailer the way you want them to be. No chance of anyone falling off the trailer due to unstable bale stacking.


Available in 4 configurations!

  1. Configuration A - 8 flat
  2. Configuration B - 10 flat
  3. Configaration C - 10 flat
  4. Configuration D - 12 flat

Just click on any of these configurations to find out more.




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